Christian Blodau: Publikationen

-- 2013 --
Estop-Aragonés, C; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: Belowground in situ redox dynamics and methanogenesis recovery in a degraded fen during dry-wet cycles and flooding, Biogeosciences, 10, 421-436 (2013) [Link] -- Details

-- 2012 --
Broder, T; Blodau, C; Biester, H; Knorr, KH: Peat decomposition records in three pristine ombrotrophic bogs in southern Patagonia, Biogeosciences, 9, 1479-1491 (2012), doi:10.5194/bg-9-1479-2012 [Link]
Deppe, M; Blodau, C: Humic acid addition lowers methane release in peats of the Mer Bleue bog, Canada., Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 52, 96-98 (2012) -- Details
Estop-Aragonés, C; Blodau, C: Effects of experimental drying intensity and duration on respiration and methane production recovery in fen peat incubations, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 47, 1-9 (2012), doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2011.12.008 -- Details
Estop-Aragonés, C; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: Controls on in situ oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in peats of a temperate fen, Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences, 117, G02002 (2012), doi:10.1029/2011JG001888 -- Details
Kothawala, DN; Roehm, C; Blodau, C; Moore, TR: Selective adsorption of dissolved organic matter to mineral soils., Geoderma (2012)

-- 2010 --
Deppe, M; McKnight, D; Blodau, C: Effects of short-term drying and irrigation on electron flow in mesocosms of a northern bog and an alpine fen, Environmental Science & Technology, 44(1), 80-86 (2010)
Deppe, M; McKnight, D; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: Effects of short-term drying and irrigation on CO2 and CH4 production and emission from mesocosms of a northern bog and alpine fen, Biogeochemistry, 100(1-3), 89-103 (2010)
Goldberg, S; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C; Lischeid, G; Gebauer, G: Impact of altering the water table height of an acidic fen on N2O and NO fluxes and soil concentrations, Global Change Biology, 16, 220-233 (2010), doi:10.1111/j.1365-2486.2009.02015.x -- Details
Heimann, A; Jakobsen, R; Blodau, C: Energetic constraints on terminal electron accepting processes in anoxic environments - a review of observations and model approaches, Environmental Science & Technology, 44(1), 24-33 (2010)

-- 2009 --
Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: Impact of experimental drought and rewetting on redox transformations and methanogenesis in mesocosms of a northern fen soil, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 41(6), 1187-1198 (2009), doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2009.02.030 [Link] -- Details
Bauer, M; Blodau, C: As distribution in the dissolved, colloidal and particulate size fraction of experimental solutions rich in dissolved organic matter and ferric iron, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 73, 529-543 (2009)
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Rempfer, J; Livingstone, D; Forster, R; Blodau, C: Response of hypolimnetic oxygen concentrations in deep Swiss prealpine lakes to interannual variations in winter climate, Ver. Internat. Verein. Limnol., 30(5), 717-721 (2009)

-- 2008 --
Bauer, M; Fulda, B; Blodau, C: Groundwater derived arsenic in high carbonate wetland soils: Sources, sinks, and mobility, Sci. Total Environment, 401, 109-120 (2008) -- Details
Beer, J; Lee, K; Whiticar, M; Blodau, C: Geochemical controls on anaerobic organic matter decomposition in a northern peatland, Limnol. Oceanogr. (2008)
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Blodau, C; Rees, R; Flessa, H; Rodionov, A; Guggenberger, G; Knorr, KH; Shibistova, O; Zrazhevskaya, G; Mikheeva, N; Kasansky, O: A snapshot of CO2 and CH4 evolution in a thermokarst pond near Igarka, northern Siberia, J. Geophys. Research (2008)
Fahrner, S; Radke, M; Karger, D; Blodau, C: Organic matter mineralisation in the hypolimnion of a eutrophic Maar lake, Aquatic Sciences, 70, 225-237 (2008), doi:10.1007/s00027-008-8008-2
Flessa, H; Rodionov, AJ; Guggenberger, G; Fuchs, H; Magdon, P; Shibistova, O; Zrazhevskaya, G; Mikheyeva, N; Kasansky, OA; Blodau, C: Landscape controls of CH4 fluxes in a catchment of the forest tundra ecotone in northern Siberia, Global Change Biology (2008)
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Knorr, KH; Oosterwoud, MR; Blodau, C: Experimental drought alters rates of soil respiration and methanogenesis but not carbon exchange in soil of a temperate fen, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 40(7), 1781-1791 (2008) -- Details
Limpens, J; Berendse, F; Blodau, C; Canadell, JG; Freeman, C; Holden, J; Roulet, N; Rydin, H; Schaepman-Strub, G: Peatlands and the carbon cycle: from local processes to global implications - a synthesis, Biogeosciences - Discussion, 5, 1379-1419 (2008)
Rempfer, J; Livingstone, D; Forster, ; Blodau, C: Response of hypolimnetic oxygen concentrations in deep Swiss prealpine lakes to interannual variations in winter climate, Ver. Internat. Verein. Limnol. (2008)

-- 2007 --
Basiliko, N; Blodau, C; Roehm, C; Bengtson, P; Moore, TR: Regulation of decomposition and methane dynamics across natural, commercially-mined, and restored northern peatlands, Ecosystems, 10, 1148-1165 (2007)
Bauer, M; Heitmann, T; Macalady, D; Blodau, C: Electron transfer capacities and kinetics of peat dissolved organic matter, Environmental Science and Technology, 41(1), 139-145 (2007) [Link]
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-- 2006 --
Bauer, M; Blodau, C: Mobilization of arsenic by dissolved organic matter from iron oxides, soils, and sediments, Sci. Total Environment, 354(2-3), 179-190 (2006) [Link]
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-- 2005 --
Blodau, C: Interactive comment on "Halogens in pore water of peat bogs- the role of peat decomposition and dissolved organic matter" by H. Biester et al., (2005) [Link]
Blodau, C: Groundwater inflow triggers changes in acidity fluxes in an iron rich and acidic lake, Acta hydrochim. hydrobiol., 33(2), 104-117 (2005) [Link]
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Dreyer, A; Radke, M; Turunen, J; Blodau, C: Long-term change of PAH deposition to peatlands of Eastern Canada, Environmental Science Technology, 39(11), 3918-3924 (2005), doi:10.1021/es0481880

-- 2004 --
Blodau, C: Evidence for a hydrologically controlled iron cycle in acidic and iron rich sediments, Aquatic Sciences, 66, 1-13 (2004)
Blodau, C; Basiliko, N; Moore, TR: Carbon turnover in peatland mesocosms exposed to different water tables, Biogeochemistry, 67, 331-351 (2004)
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-- 2003 --
Blodau, C; Heise, S; Litz, N: Simple Soil Properties as predictors of PAH concentrations in soil water, Wasser & Boden, 55(6), 33-37 (2003)
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-- 2002 --
Blodau, C: Carbon cycling in peatlands: A review of processes and controls, Environmental Reviews, 10, 111-134 (2002)
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Blodau, C; Roehm, C; Moore, TR: Iron, sulfur and dissolved carbon dynmics in a northern peatland, Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 154, 561-583 (2002)

-- 2001 --
Blodau, C; Moore, TR: Macro-porosity affects water movement and pore water sampling in peat soils, Soil Science, 167, 99-109 (2001)

-- 2000 --
Blodau, C; Peine, A; Hoffmann, S; Peiffer, S: Organic matter diagenesis in acidic mining lakes, Hydrochim. Hydrobiol. Acta, 28, 123-135 (2000)

-- 1998 --
Blodau, C; Hoffmann, S; Peine, A; Peiffer, S: Iron and sulfate reduction in the sediments of acid mine lake 116 (Brandenburg, Germany): Rates and geochemical evaluation, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 108, 249-270 (1998)